Does running burn fat or not?

Lot of people asking us – does running burn fat or not? It easy to understand them, everybody want to know how to lose belly fat quickly.

does running burn fat

Yes, running to burn fat really does work, especially stomach fat. To achieve the best results, combine running with a proper diet. All foods have caloric content that is stored in the form of energy when consumed. This is used during the digestive process or when the body needs power. Every activity you carry out requires energy, so it is advisable to consume appropriate amounts.

However, our body does not always use all of this energy. In these instances, the excess calories force the body to squirrel away some of energy for use at a later date, and this gets stored as fat cells.

Unless this excess fat is used up, it can cause serious health issues in the future. Running to burn fat is viewed as one of the reliable and efficient ways to burn stomach fat.

While this is the case, there are questions that abound on the ability of running to burn excess fats. Running requires exertion of effort, and it is this aspect that makes it possible for an individual to lose weight quickly.

Whenever you run, the body is naturally powered into action using the energy that is currently stored in the digestive system.

This energy is easily depleted. If you are on a diet, the body has no option but to create energy reserves to produce power. These reserves are stored in the fat body cells. As the body continues to work to power the runner, the stored fat is turned into a usable energy form, thus burning stomach fat in the process.

Consequently, the body also becomes leaner.

While running is a great way of burning fats, it is important to note that it does not deliver the desired results when used on its own. This is because your calories intake needs to be kept in check, as well.

On average running burns 100 calories per every mile covered. Increasing your running intensity might boost fat burning but if you don’t keep an eye on your diet, it will not be effective. We have also injury prevention and interval training guides on this site.

If you still question does running burn fat or muscle you need to consider the following.

Determine the calories you need and do not assume that once you start running the pounds are going to melt off. Keep in mind that running will boost your appetite and this might lead to consumption of more calories.

Therefore, you need to keep track of what you are consuming, and in the event you notice you are not losing weight, increase your exercise program.

Best exercises to burn fat

running to burn fat
by jinxmcc under CC BY-ND


  • Muscle should be built because it burns more fats and also looks tighter and slimmer than fat. You can build muscle by running. Some of the best fat burning exercises for women to burn fat can be done while running, jogging or walking. Create track intervals and hilly workouts, which aid in building lower large body muscles.
  • Manage your food consumption wisely. The best way to burn belly fat is to combine exercise with a low calorie diet. Settle for unprocessed foods because they have low calories compared to processed foods. Also, do not drink sweetened beverages and soft drinks that are calorie rich.
  • The intensity of your runs should be boosted, as well. For instance, if your body is used to 3-mile loops, it is likely that it is not getting any help from the routine. Take it a notch higher by choosing more challenging exercises to burn stomach fat.
  • Speed workouts, work and intervals, will help you increase the level of intensity and aid in burning more calories.

So, to answer your question – Does running burn fat? Yes, running is definitely an effective way to lose weight. To get the best results, you must combine it with a low fat diet (watch your daily calorie intake!) to see quick results.

By Leo Brown